Leadership Development

Accomplishing More with Less for Managers and Supervisors

This one-day workshop covers crucial time and priority management techniques to help managers find the necessary time to manage and coach their employees. Participants will also be able to equip their employees with the same tools and techniques to help them overcome their overload, feeling of stress and get more accomplished.

Action Labs - Organizational Priorities

Action labs are short, 90-minute live sessions with a Learning Development Consultant on navigating today's priorities as a supervisor or manager. Participants will have an opportunity to work on their specific issue and leave with a clear set of actions to take in addressing their situation.

Leadership Development Series

Series offered in a blended format including 5 facilitated modules, CliftonStrengths Full 34 report, Leader 360 Survey report and 1:1 coaching. The intent is to build the skills and practice of key people management behaviors that support the UC Core Competencies. What was formerly offered as the "Leading the Frontline" series has been expanded into separate series designed for: 

  • Empowering Others in Action:  for frontline managers and supervisors (SUPV 1-2 Career Track levels)
  • Bridging the Divide: for those who manage other managers (MGR 1-2 Career Track levels)
  • Reaching the Vista: for people who manage department leaders (MGR 3-4 Career Track levels)

Management Practice Series

A series of short workshops to enable understanding key management policies and best practices, presented by the experts responsible for administering the respective policy/practice. Required for all new UCSF Health and Campus directors, managers and supervisors, and recommended as a periodic refresher for existing managers. Individual classes cover: Attendance Monitoring, Benchmarking, Compensation and Classification, Corrective Action, Developing a Job Description, Interviewing and Selection, Engagement, Leading Everyday PRIDE, Leave of Absence, Legal Issues and Risk, Privacy in the Workplace, Reasonable Accommodation, Performance Management, Supervising within Equal Employment Opportunity Policy & Law, Understanding Patient Experience, Workers' Compensation, Return-to-Work & Ergonomics.

    New Leader Onboarding

    This program is offered monthly to managers and supervisors who are new to UCSF or internally promoted into their first supervisory/management role. A blended module with topics including:  understanding the culture of UCSF and the implications for leading people, navigating the larger support systems and structure, as well as identifying criteria for becoming a successful leader.

    Performance Management

    UC and UCSF eCourses, performance evaluations and support empower your performance management work as an ongoing, collaborative process between managers and employees. Build relationships, set expectations and goals, give and receive feedback, and discuss professional development needs and career aspirations.

    Remarkable Hybrid Team

    As teams are required to bring more adaptability to work habits and behaviors, this highly interactive one-day workshop helps managers learn cutting edge problem solving and collaboration frameworks as well as manage hybrid meetings, so that they can fully engage their teams and get their involvement and buy-in in addressing challenges and opportunities.

    Trust Toolkit

    Self-assessment, curated learning and action planning guide to help strengthen, build and restore trust.

    UC Leadership Cohorts

    Leadership development cohorts involve UC-wide seminars and intersession assignments to enhance your learning experience and sense of community, benefit inter-campus and cross-functional involvement, as well as enable the full participation, success and advancement of our people. Includes:

    UC People Management Series and Certificate

    A systemwide certificate program consisting of core and elective courses, including systemwide eCourses and locally identified instructor-led courses. Topics include: Performance Management, Managing People, Managing Implicit Bias, Administration & Operations, Change Management and Communications.

    UCSF Manager Competency Online Certificate

    A set of curated, on-demand Skillsoft Percipio eCourses aimed at enhancing professional effectiveness for UCSF managers in 3 key competency areas: Achieving Results, Building Relationships, and Creating the Future.

    More Development

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