Engagement Ambassadors

Engagement Ambassadors Ambassadors

Ambassadors are key department influencers who, nominated by and working in partnership with their team's manager, support the co-creation of an environment where engagement can thrive.

Engagement Ambassadors facilitate survey participation and  provide year 'round peer guidance with engagement action planning.


Ambassador Nominations

Each team should have an Engagement Ambassador, nominated by the team manager.
​​​​​The best candidates are non-supervisory, trusted by both managers and staff, and enthusiastic about inspiring their teammates to participate in engagement activities.

Managers are asked to nominate an Ambassador each survey year. 
We recommend having at least one Ambassador per 40 staff members and per shift. Nominations are for a one-year appointment, and the prior year's Ambassadors do NOT carry over to year-to-year, so be sure to nominate even if you have the same Ambassador as last year.

View current Ambassadors for the Mar 2024-Feb 2025 period.

Ambassadors and Managers work in partnership 
to facilitate survey participation and provide peer guidance with engagement action planning, supporting the co-creation of an environment where your team's engagement can thrive.

Ambassador Training

Live Events

Training participants raising hands

Nominated Engagement Ambassadors are sent Outlook invitations to Ambassador events, including:​

  • All staff are encouraged to attend engagement town halls
    Held: Biannually at the beginning and middle of the calendar year
    Last scheduled: January 31, 12-1:30pm, 2024
  • Ambassador Orientation
    Held: Annually before engagement survey release
    Next scheduled: March 12, 12-1pm, 2024 via Zoom
  • Ambassador Action Planning Summit
  • Held: ​Annually after engagement survey results release
    Last scheduled: June 2023 | webinar recording
  • Ambassador Action Planning Checkin
    Held: Annually after survey results released
    Last scheduled: August 2023 | Webinar Recording | Deck
  • Ambassador Year Wrap-up
    Held: Annually at end of calendar yea
    Last scheduled: Nov 2023 (not recorded)
  • Ambassador Office Hours
    Held: March-May survey support & June-Oct action planning support
    Next scheduled: weekly mid-March through May

If you did not receive Ambassador event Outlook invites
verify that you are a currently nominated Engagement Ambassador

Guidance Documents


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2023 Survey Ambassador How-Tos
Year 'Round Engagement Support


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