Access your assigned training in the UC Learning Center via desktop or mobile app at either:

  - Your individual "Assigned Activities" Training Analysis
  - Library topic "Compliance"
  - Mandatory and most requested compliance titles are linked below


Mandatory Training FAQs
- Supervisor Guide: Managing Training Compliance
- How-To Guides

Completing required training is an important responsibility for all UCSF employees.

Help protect UCSF and its mission, uphold our PRIDE Values and ensure our compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations by completing the relevant courses for your role.
- UCSF News Story: "ACTION Required: Take Mandatory Trainings"
- Chancellor email: "UCSF Requests Faculty, Staff Complete Out-of-Date Mandatory Trainings"


Mandatory Trainings for All Roles

Cyber Security Awareness Fundamentals

Frequency: Annually


Version for all Health, Campus employees, staff, faculty, and Office of Graduate Medical Education: Cyber Security Awareness Fundamentals

Version for registered students, and BCH Oakland: UCSF Cyber Security Awareness - Students, BCH Oakland, and Affiliates



General Compliance Briefing: University of California Ethical Values and Conduct

Audience: All Campus and Health employees except those who are part of the COIR requirement or those typically exempted such Emeritus or WOS.

Frequency: Every two years



UC Ethics and Compliance Briefing for Researchers

Audience: Employees that are conducting research at UCSF, including, those who receive $1 or more in extramurally funded research, those funded from Contracts and Grants and/or Federal Funds and any researcher who is extramurally funded.

Frequency: Every two years



UC Preventing Harassment & Discrimination: Non-Supervisors

Audience: All Health, Campus and Office of Graduate Medical Education Non-Supervisory Staff

Frequency: Every two years



UC Preventing Harassment & Discrimination: Supervisors, Faculty, MSP

Audience: All Health, Campus and Office of Graduate Medical Education Supervisors and Faculty

Frequency: Every two years



UCSF Foundations of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Audience: All Health and Campus - all active status payroll employees/faculty/staff and registered students (not required: Emeritus, WOSY, affiliates, and volunteers)

Frequency: One time only



Compliance Trainings based on Job Role

Advance HIPAA For Healthcare Providers

Audience: All GME Staff

Frequency: One time only



Annual Safety Training

Audience: All Health Staff, Physicians and Vendors

Frequency: Annually



COVID-19 Prevention

Audience: Course required for employees, faculty, staff, student employees, and WOS

Frequency: One time only



GME Fatigue Training

Audience: All GME Staff

Frequency: Annually



HIPAA 101 - Privacy and Security for New UCSF Faculty, Staff, Trainees, Students and Volunteers

Audience: Campus - New Campus Employees Only: Faculty, Staff, Trainees, Students and Volunteers

Frequency: One time only



Infection Prevention Training

Audience: 1. All Health Staff, 2. Physician, Nurses and Licensed Independent Contractor (Clinical Staff)

Frequency: Annually

Version for All Health Staff

- Course: Infection Prevention Training for Ancillary Staff

- Test-Out (90%+)


Version for Physician, Nurses and Licensed Independent Contractors (Clinical Staff)

- Course: Infection Prevention Training

- Test-Out (90%+)



Office Ergonomics

Audience: Campus and Health

Frequency: One time only

Version for Campus StaffeCourse and Self-Evaluation

Version for Health StaffeCourse and Self-Evaluation





Physician and Allied Health: AIDET SMiLe

Audience: All Fellows and Residents

Frequency: Annually



Professionalism in Healthcare

Audience: All Attending Providers

Frequency: Every two years

Frequency may vary as directed by the MSO.



Safe Patient Handling Training

Audience: Health Staff - HOD, PCA, CRC, etc.

Frequency: Annually



Workplace Violence Prevention in Healthcare

Audience: All Health

Frequency: Annually