Managers as Engagement Advocates

"" Managers as EngagementAmbassadors

Managers are key to fostering an environment where engagement can thrive for their team.

Each year, managers are asked to facilitate Staff Engagement Survey activities, lead engagement action planning and update their HR Umbrella records accordingly. Engagement is also a year 'round pursuit. Serving as a Manager Advocate supports the creation of an engaging workplace.

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Lead Teamwork Empowered with Engagement Survey Results



Team Engagement Action Planning Guide

New! for Managers and Ambassadors
includes a checklist and meeting slides

Action Planning Office Hours
July 11, July 25, August 8 & August 22, 12:35-1pm, Join on Zoom 


Share Team Engagement Survey Results

Managers and their delegates can access their team's survey results for 2024 and previous years at: 
Gallup Access

Accessing and Interpreting Your Survey Results


Lead Team Action Planning


2023 TImeline for M1+ or faculty people managers with at least one direct report (including all SMG, VP and Chair positions):
  • By October 1, 2023:
    Load an action plan with at least one tactic into HR Umbrella
  • By March 1, 2024:
    Complete action plan tactics in HR Umbrella

Encourage Staff to "Be Heard!" and Take the Survey

Access the survey in 1 of 3 ways when the survey is open Apr 9-May 3

More about the survey

Get Ready for the Survey

Confirm Your HR Umbrella Roster
by February 15, 2024

Colleague helps instruct how to log on computer

Why? Ensures your team is accurately captured for the staff engagement survey. 


  • If your roster is already correct, no action is needed!
  • If you need to update your roster, reference the “Roster Quick Guides” available in the Roster section of HR Umbrella


  • Health Managers: submit a PeopleConnect Inquiry Ticket or contact your primary HR Generalist
  • Campus Managers: email [email protected]

Nominate Your Engagement Ambassador

Manager looking ahead while ambassador works with team

Each team should have an Engagement Ambassador - at least one per 40 staff members and per shift. ​​​​​Nominations are for a one-year appointment, and last year's Ambassadors do NOT carry over to this year. View Ambassador Lookup Tool for the Mar 2024-Feb 2025 period.

The best candidates are:

  • Non-supervisory
  • Trusted by both managers and staff
  • Enthusiastic about inspiring their teammates to participate in engagement activities

Ambassadors and Managers work in partnership to facilitate survey participation and provide peer guidance with engagement action planning, supporting the co-creation of an environment where your team's engagement can thrive. Learn more about the role and training

Serve as a Manager Advocate

Employee Engagement Manager Learning Journey

Comprehensive online guide for managers wanting to go deep with engagement. Take 4 steps with mutliple activities such as worksheets and articles per step.

Launch the Gallup Learning Journey 


Most common questions are answered here on our engagement website.
If you need additional individual support, our team can support you via: