UCSF Action Plan

Chancellor Hawgood speaking about diversity & inclusion at town hall

UCSF supports actionable efforts to improve engagement where our past engagement surveys have shown we have opportunities.

Our organization-wide action plan for 2018-2026 is a commitment to building an inclusive, strengths-based culture.

Our Road Map

Building roadmaps for staff

  • Community Well-Being Grants
  • Highway to ER Program
  • Talent Marketplace

Helping managers serve as advocates

  • Engagement Action Labs
  • ExecOnline Curriculum
  • Leadership Development Series

Identifying & addressing unconscious bias

  • DEI Leadership Coaches 
  • *New Role* - Assistant Vice Chancellor of Climate and Belonging 
Actions at each level

Formal workgroup action planning is an important question of driving employee engagement, but informal workgroup culture, systems and initiatives outside the workgroup’s control, and leadership are also crucial.

Anti-Racism Pillars

Actions Pledged

Toward our 2018-2026 staff engagement organization-wide action plan, the following activities are the focus of our work.

Community Forums

UCSF community events toward fostering engagement and a sense of belonging:

Updated Jan 2023