Strengths-Based Development

Gallup Engagement Survey

Focusing on our strengths activates engagement and helps us perform at our best. Through the lens of the world-renowed Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment, we can leverage individual talents and understand the talents of our colleagues toward personal and professional success.

Why Strengths?

International research by Gallup proves a strengths-based approach activates success. At UCSF, the more we understand our strengths, the greater our team engagement scores.

Strengths-based development helps:

  • identify what we do best
  • discover our greatest opportunities to contribute
  • use our talents in work and life to accomplish what is important to us

How do I identify my Strengths?

UCSF Learning & Organization Development Workshop


Take a development workshop with a certified Learning & Organization Development consultant at UCSF to receive guided access to your Strengths assessment:

Check out short definitions for all 34 strengths themes.

I did my Strengths Assessment - Now What?


  • Name:  ​​​​​​View your strengths and learn more about them at Gallup Access ("UCSF" MyAccess Single-Sign-On login)
  • Claim: Show your individual strengths with a Zoom background & encourage strengths-forward conversations

Achiever | ​​Activator | Adaptability | Analytical | Arranger Belief | Command | Communication | Competition | Connectedness Consistency | Context | Deliberative | Developer | Discipline | Empathy | Focus | Futuristic | Harmony | Ideation | Includer Individualization | Input | Intellection | Learner | Maximizer | Positivity | Relator | Responsibility | Restorative | Self-Assurance | Significance | Strategic | Woo

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updated 1/8/22