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UCSF partners with Gallup on a short, annual survey that provides an opportunity for us to identify UCSF's strengths and improvement areas as a workplace, towards improving our own work lives, those of our colleagues and UCSF overall. The survey is our way to measure how we're doing, but Employee Engagement happens all year long.

2023 Staff Engagement Survey Milestones

Engagement timeline calendar for 2023

2023 Staff Engagement Survey Timeline


Survey Measures

Gallup’s internationally-renowned research has identified 12 specifically-worded questions about engagement that indicate a high-performing work environment, known as the “Q12.”

Gallup's Q12: Employee Need - 12. Challenge Me, 11. Help me review my contributions, 10. Help me build mutual trust, 9. Help me feel proud, 8. Help me see my importance, 7. Hear me, 6. Help me grow, 5. Care about me, 4. Help me see my value, 3. Know me, 2. Keep me safe, efficient and less stressed, 1. Focus me

Additionally, our UCSF staff engagement survey asks data-driven items tailored toward key UCSF priorities:

Engagement Survey Additional Measures: Accountability, Belonging & Inclusion, Intent to Stay, Recommend

OPEN ENDED: “What can UCSF do to make this an even better place to work?”


Responses to all questions are confidential, combined with comments from at least five respondents by Gallup and reported to UCSF exactly as written.

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