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New! Engagement Action Labs


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Engagement Action Lab

This 90-minute live virtual session focuses on taking action with team results from the recent Gallup engagement survey.

The session is intended for managers and supervisors where they will review their team results and identify areas to explore further with their teams.

Upon completion of the Action Lab, participants will be better equipped to:

  • Share survey results with their team

  • Explore the challenges and opportunities in dialogue with their team

  • Work with their team to create meaningful action plans



    About Action Labs

    • Lab offerings are designed to address current organizational priorities. The current priority is Engagement. Note: there are currently no action labs on the topics Courage to Act, Lost and Fund, or The Next Wave.
    • The lab will give you an opportunity to work on your specific situation connected to the organizational priority. By the end of the session, you will have a clear set of actions to take as next steps.
    • Each lab is supplemented with a video, resource guide and optional consultation time.
    • The Action Labs are assigned to managers (titles M1-4) and supervisors (titles S1-2).

    Not seeing these titles in your recommended training plan? Read more about UC Learning Center assignments