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Connect or disconnect your LinkedIn Profile

You don't need a LinkedIn profile to access LinkedIn Learning, but we recommend connecting your LinkedIn profile to LinkedIn Learning to enjoy access to additional features such as Learning Groups, Q&A, jobs and networking.

Opt in to "Connect my LinkedIn Account" by entering your personal LinkedIn credentials.

Opt out via "Continue without connecting my LinkedIn Account." 

Change your mind? –disconnect or connect your LinkedIn profile from your Learning license under "Settings."

If you already have paid access to LinkedIn Learning through another source, you will have the option to connect through UCSF’s subscription at no cost upon UCSF LinkedIn Learning portal login.

What is LinkedIn Learning?

You may already be familiar with LinkedIn’s renowned professional networking platform. LinkedIn Learning adds access to a digital library of thousands of video courses taught by industry experts covering a wide range of technical, business, software and creative topics.

Normally a paid subscription service, Launching LinkedIn Learning is an investment for UCSF to benefit from no-cost professional development opportunities, accessible 24/7 as part of our Learning & Organization Development program.


Just-in-time learning that speaks to today's job needs

Screenshot of LinkedIn Learning menu, including AI Coaching; Business, Creative, Technology, or UCSF learning; My Goals; Certifications; Office Hours

Thousands of bite-sized videos!
In-depth courses, learning paths and collections by expert instructors.
Includes all content.

Professional Certifications/CEUs
Get help preparing for popular professional certification exams/continuing education units* and share certificates of completion

On the go?
Download for offline viewing, audio-only, save for later, switch to mobile or computer device: remembers where you left off

Available in multiple languages

Including Simplified Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Turkish, Polish, Korean, and Bahasa Indonesia. Check out how to change your LinkedIn Learning content library to another language

Personally catered to your unique career development goals
  • Personalized learning suggestions based on your industry's trends
  • Connect your skill-building to international Learning Groups
  • New! AI Coaching - ask questions to receive personalized advice
  • New! Role guides - under "Browse," select trending job roles in Business, Technology, or Creative fields to improve on industry skills
  • New! Under "My Goals," set Career Goals to receive custom recommendations for top skills, courses and open UCSF Campus jobs

Screenshot of LinkedIn Learning "My Goals" Setting

LinkedIn Learning logo, with content

Note: certifying vendors/organizations may host additional costs or exams to complete initial certification, not covered by LinkedIn Learning nor UCSF Learning & Organization Development, though you may seek professional development funding through your department or other areas.

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Tip: pick a short LinkedIn Learning video to show at at your team meeting!

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