Staff Development

Accomplishing More with Less

In this one-day workshop, learn how to harness the power of organizational skills to deal with today's most pressing workplace issues, such as: time management, prioritization, dealing with interruptions, e-mail, calendars and To-do lists, as well as organizing electronic and paper documents.

Business Writing

  • Get to the Point: One-day workshop focuses on the crucial writing issues: purpose and audience. Covers practical ways you can organize, format and write a communication, such as an email, so that the reader quickly gets the point and acts on it.

  • Write Right: One-day workshop covers the foundations of business writing to make sure participants know what the current grammar rules are, and how to spot and correct errors. It’s a great refresher of grammar and punctuation designed to build confidence that you are sending out clear, correct documents.

My UC Career

A unique tool for career exploration and growth, developed to support our employees. Six fast-paced modules empower your access to: (1) Career Discovery. (2) Job Search. (3) Resume Builder. (4) Tell Your Story. (5) Network and Research. (6) Pre and Post Interview.

Professional Development Guide

Guide with a workbook to complete exercises for anyone who is ready to take the necessary steps towards their learning and growth, or for managers on how to support the development of their team members. Includes: (1) Creating a vision of success, (2) Knowledge of the skills required to succeed, (3) Formal or informal self-assessments, (4) Develop an individual development plan. Covers career pathing, competencies, informational interviewing, asking for and receiving feedback, SMART goals, and more toward the professional development planning process.

Project Management Practices and Tools

Half-day instructor-led workshop designed for business professionals who want to enhance their project management skills and better manage projects of all kinds. While traditional project management concepts are covered, this session is focused on bringing innovative insights and practical techniques to revolutionize managing projects of all sizes.

Remarkable Remote Worker

One-day workshop designed to help you successfully navigate being asked to work remotely or collaborate with others who are working remotely. Covers: being productive working remotely, staying invigorated and motivated, managing your attention so you can stay focused, communicating with other remote team members skillfully and adopting a proven methodology for managing your work. To create a lasting impact, each attendee will also be given access to the 21 Practices eCourse and the Hello Mindful App .

Striving for your Best Series

An instructor-led comprehensive professional development experience for non-supervisory staff that includes five facilitated sessions with practical activities and asynchronous resources covering: (1) What Makes Me Successful, (2) Working as One Team, (3) Keeping Commitments in Times of Change, (4) Learning Deeper and Broader, (5) Taking Care of Self. The series includes the CliftonStrengths Insight Guide Report, as well as an introductory coaching session.

Trust Toolkit

Self-assessment, curated learning and action planning guide to help strengthen, build and restore trust.

UCSF Core Competency Online Certificate

A set of curated, on-demand Skillsoft Percipio eCourses aimed at enhancing professional effectiveness for UCSF employees in 3 key competency areas: Achieving Results, Building Relationships, and Creating the Future.

Workforce Development Programs

Whether you work at UCSF already or are interested in joining our renowned workplace, our workforce development programs can give you tools to help support your career pathway. Check out our work-based training and externship opportunities with job placement support for in-demand healthcare and administrative fields.

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