UC Women's Initiative for Professional Development (UC WI)

UC WI is an experiential professional development program offered to mid-career women faculty, academic personnel and staff who demonstrate the potential to advance their careers at UC.

UCSF nominations for the 2020 UC WI Program Winter/Spring Cohorts are due October 4, 2019 at 5 PM via the UCSF 2020 Winter/Spring UCWI Nomination Form. Please review the program overview and FAQs provided by UC Systemwide Human Resources and the UCSF Nomination Process information below before submitting a nomination.

New in 2019: UC Systemwide Human Resources is changing the UCWI program nomination timing to better align with the academic calendar. Fall 2019 nominations are for two Northern California cohorts only, which will be held in the winter and spring of 2020 (see schedule). Nominations will be accepted in March 2020 for cohorts to be held during the 2020-21 academic year.

UCSF has 12 spaces to allocate for the 2020 winter/spring cohorts; nominees are encouraged to consider if participating during the 2020-21 academic year will meet their needs because the selection process for winter/spring 2020 (underway through October 4, 2019) is expected to be especially competitive due to the smaller number of spots.

NOTE: The UC WI program is focused on women's professional development, and the target audience is early to mid-career professionals; this is a different program from the UC-CORO Systemwide Leadership Collaborative and the UCSF-CORO Faculty Leadership Collaborative.

UCSF Nomination Process

UCSF does not use the UCOP nomination form. Nominations must be submitted via the UCSF 2020 Winter/Spring UCWI Nomination Form. By submitting a nomination, the nominee's department agrees to cover associated costs and provide release time for participation if selected.

Nomination/Selection Timeline

  • Nominations Due: October 4, 2019 by 5 PM via the UCSF 2020 Winter/Spring UCWI Nomination Form. Late nominations and nominations submitted via UCOP's UCWI form will not be considered.
  • Selected participants and alternates notified: mid-October

UCSF Nomination Form: the nomination form requires the following information:

  • Nominator's name, title, and contact information
  • Nominee's name, working title, department, Employee ID, type, and contact information
  • Chartstring for $1,925 participation fee*
  • Written endorsement/support from supervisor or chair/division chief. Please address each of the following areas:
    • How the UC WI program will support the nominee's professional development and how she will contribute as a cohort member
    • Specific examples of how the nominee is a good candidate for the program, including key accomplishments
    • How the nominee's participation will support broader departmental or organizational goals
    • Whether the nominee participated in another leadership/professional development program (at UCSF or UCOP)

* In addition to the participation fee, the participant's department is responsible for travel-related costs.

Questions? Contact [email protected].