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Administrative Management Professionals (AMP) Mentorship Program

Not just for managers! Pairs experienced UC San Francisco managers from academic departments and units, central administration and the UCSF Health system with up and coming staff members seeking to learn more about management, leadership and to better understand the UC San Francisco organizational culture. The program provides a framework in which staff members cultivate contacts and increase their UC San Francisco network of peers. The group will also find peer support and enhance effectiveness as they plot their personal growth and career paths at UC San Francisco.

Advanced Practice Provider (APP) Mentorship Program

New to UCSF Health, designed to connect and empower APPs (physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists and nurse midwives) to learn from each other and create opportunities for professional development. Run by volunteers, this program was developed by the Mentorship Subcommittee of the APP Advisory Board's Professional Development Committee.  Please email [email protected] with questions or if you would like to be an APP mentee or mentor.

Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) Mentorship Program

If you are an Assistant CRC, CRC, or generally new to your role in clinical research and have a desire to learn, then this program could be a good fit for you! Designed to provide peer-to-peer mentoring by pairing senior-level clinical research mentors with more junior mentees over a 5–6-month period. The goals of the program are to provide connection and engagement, deeper understanding of clinical research at UCSF, and provide visibility into the clinical research career trajectory.

Learning & Organization Development Mentoring Program

Available to any UCSF department, this program pairs colleagues within your team as both a mentor and mentee over a six month cycle. Together, pairs have the opportunity to meet for at least four sessions to discuss mentoring partnership goals and share information or resources to develop skillsets, learn and grow at UCSF. The process repeats with a new mentor/mentee partnership every six months. Designed to be implemented in collaboration with intact teams, coordinated and administered by managers/supervisors or team leaders.
This program currently undergoing revision, with more info to be announced.
In the meantime, check out the L&OD Mentoring Program Orientation eCourse.

LGBTQ Mentoring Program

Aims to connect LGBTQI+ students with LGBTQI+ faculty, staff, and trainee mentors. This program is open to students in the Schools of Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Nursing, Physical Therapy & the Graduate Division.

Pharmacy Alliance for Mentoring, Leadership and Information (PhAMLI)

PhAMLI aims to provide guidance and mentorship in the field of pharmacy for current undergraduates through invaluable opportunity to network with peers from schools across California and UCSF pharmacy students.

Scientists 4 Diversity

UCSF learners, staff, and faculty foster a supportive community for the professional development of traditionally underrepresented individuals in scientific research. S4D advocates for mentorship, provides outreach, and promotes discussion on topics that impact an increasingly diverse cohort of current and aspiring scientists.

Tech Leadership Development Program

(Formerly known as the IT/CS Development & Mentorship Program, or IT/CS DMP) this year-long program combines classroom learning with a one-to-one mentoring relationship to develop our Clinical Systems (CS), Information Technology (IT), and Health Informatics (HI) staff at UCSF. Our goals are to foster a culture of collaboration across CS, IT, HI, and our partners, tie the work we do to UCSF’s mission, support our high performers, and nurture future leaders. Visit for mentor, mentee, alumni, gallery, and more information about the upcoming for next year's class.

UCSF-CCSF Inclusive Mentoring Fellows program for Bioscience Researchers

UCSF graduate students and postdoctoral scholars are selected to mentor an intern and become an Inclusive Mentoring Fellow. Fellows will mentor a City College of San Francisco (CCSF) intern who is training for a career as a laboratory assistant or technician, or who is planning to pursue a degree in the biosciences. 

The Inclusive Research Mentor Course (TRAIN-UP
Open to all UCSF graduate students and postdoctoral scholars for free. Teaches UCSF students and postdocs the organizational management and evidence-based pedagogical theory on how to effectively supervise, train and advise researchers from diverse backgrounds, and how to do so inclusively while managing the inevitable role conflict between these three sets of responsibilities and power differentials. 

UCSF Faculty Mentoring Program

New and junior faculty in the Schools of Dentistry, Pharmacy, Medicine and Nursing with appointments of more than 50% are eligible to participate in this mentoring program. Supports the recruitment and retention of the highest quality faculty, increasing faculty diversity through improved mentoring of under-represented faculty and improving overall faculty career satisfaction and success. All eligible faculty are paired with a ‘career’ mentor:  a senior faculty member responsible for providing career guidance and support. Career mentoring meetings take place at least twice yearly and the mentee is expected to send their mentor an updated CV and Individual Development Plan (IDP) prior to each meeting.

UCSF Faculty Training on Becoming a Mentor
UCSF Faculty interested in training becoming mentors to students may be interested in the UCSF Accelerate Mentor Training Program (MTP) and Graduate Faculty Development Program's Mentor/Advisor Resources

UCSF First Generation Services - Mentoring

Get involved as a student, faculty, staff (postdoc, resident, fellow, researcher, etc.), alumnus, or ally! Successful first gens at UCSF say that one of the most significant factors in navigating through their degree programs was having good mentorship.​ 

UCSF-Gladstone Center for AIDS Research: Andy I. Choi Mentoring Program

Now in its 17th year of operation, the program is designed to help develop the scientific career goals of early HIV investigators and postdoctoral scholars. It emphasizes one-on-one interactions between well established UCSF faculty investigators and junior researchers pursuing HIV research at UCSF. The Mentoring Program conducts a Workshop Series and a Mentee Scientific Symposium:  a unique opportunity to present current research to peers, mentors, and the HIV/AIDS research community at large.

UCSF Medical Education - Find a Mentor

LabSpot resource guide to mentored student scholarship at UCSF.

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