Leadership Development Series

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Based on their role, UCSF managers may find one of the following instructor-led leadership development series recommended to them in the UC Learning Center, to self-register for a date that works best for them.


Empowering Others in Action - for Leading the Frontline (Supv 1-2 Career Track Levels)

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    This refreshed 5-module version of "Leading the Frontline" is designed people who directly manage individual contributors such as frontline managers and supervisors, and can support those who indirectly manage the work of others such as program and project managers. Each module includes a digital resource, facilitated virtual session, and reflection and practice covering:

    • Getting to Know You as a Leader: learn more about the value of adopting a growth mindset, adapting to different situations, and why using strengths is important. In addition, find out more about your own leadership style and your strengths.
    • Partnering with Your Team: learn more about what constitutes effective communication, and how bias and assumptions can negatively influence the results. Inclusive approaches to listening and asking questions help show how to partner better with your team.
    • Excelling at What We Do: learn more about two important practices that help teams perform better, specifically setting expectations and giving effective feedback.
    • Bringing Out the Best in Others: learn more about the value of continuous learning, how to set performance and development goals, and how to check-in with others to successfully meet these goals.
    • Building Leader Resiliency: learn why resilience is important and how to build it in yourself and model it for others.

    Bridging the Divide - for Middle Managers (Mgr 1-2 Career Track Levels) 

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    This 5-module leadership series is designed for people who directly manage other managers and are typically responsible for multiple teams or a department. Each module includes a digital resource, facilitated virtual session, and reflection and practice covering:

    • Providing a Strengths-Based Direction: learn why it is important to know the strengths of you and your team in order to achieve success in any situation. Topics include self-awareness, the leadership mindset, situational awareness, and strengths-based strategies.
    • Engaging the Team in the New Normal: learn why relationships matter at work and what you can do to strengthen the bonds with your team and others. The module explores building a culture of trust and psychological safety, the needs of the hybrid workforce, and discussing what matters most.
    • Welcoming Change and Innovation: learn why it is important to seek opportunities that produce better results. Topics include inviting diverse perspectives, systems thinking, and building change readiness.
    • Driving Meaningful Action: learn why meaningful actions are important in moving towards a value-driven goal. Topics include setting the stage, fostering performance, engaging others, and making effective decisions.
    • Modeling Adaptability & Resilience: learn why the health and well-being of you and the team are vital to your work at UCSF. Topics include spotting burnout, taking care of self, and building team resilience.

    Reaching the Vista - for Senior Leaders (Mgr 3-4 Career Track Levels)

    Designed for people who manage department leaders.

    Currently under development; expected release in January 2022.

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