Leadership Development Series

The Leadership Development Series builds the skills and practice of key people management behaviors that support the UCSF core competencies: achieving results, building relationships, and creating the future.

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  • 7 modules delivered in a blended format
  • CliftonStrengths Full 34 report and Leader 360 Survey report
  • Recommended 1:1 diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) leadership coaching
  • Complementary access to ExecOnline library 
    with optional core competency-mapped online courses

      Who and When

      Based on your role, UCSF managers will find the following appropriate instructor-led leadership development series assigned to you in the UC Learning Center for you to self-register:

      Empowering Others in Action: for Frontline Leaders (Supv 1-2 Career Track Levels)

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        For people leaders who ensure organizational plans are implemented effectively, typically those responsible for frontline staff and teams.

        Schedule: Offered multiple times a year.

        • April 12, 26, May 10, 24, June 7 at 9am - 12pm.

        Each module occurs every-other-week over a 10-week period, with a 3-hour virtual session plus between-session assignments.

        Bridging the Divide: for Mid-Level Managers (Mgr 1-2 Career Track Levels) 

        Team helping each other across rocks

        For people leaders who translate broad strategic plans into operational blueprints, typically those who have managers of frontline staff as direct reports.

        Schedule: This series is currently offered every two months.

        • May 11, 25, June 8, 22, July 6 at 1-4pm.

        Each module occurs every-other-week over a 10-week period, with a 3-hour virtual session plus between-session assignments.

        Reaching the Vista: for Senior Leaders (Mgr 3-4 Career Track Levels)

        For people leaders who align strategy and align long-term organizational success, typically senior leaders who have managers of operational blueprints as direct reports.

        Schedule: Offered multiple times a year, with the following cohort currently open for registration:

        • May 10, May 24, June 7, June 21, and July 5 at 1:10pm-4pm.

        Each module occurs every-other-week over a 10-week period, with a 3-hour virtual session plus between-session assignments.

          Register for your Leadership Development Series

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          Program Content

          The 24-hour interactive program consists of 7 modules delivered in asynchronous digital content and synchronous facilitated online sessions.

          1. What I Bring (Prerequisite): growth mindset, self-awareness and leader action plan. Compile and review your CliftonStrengths 34 Results and Leader 360 Survey Feedback in a 1:1 session.
          2. My Situation: leadership styles, inclusive approach, common leadership challenges (including DEI) and guidelines to inform your response to the situation.
          3. Building Relationships: inclusive conversations, generative conversation and engaging in conversations about differences.
          4. Achieving Results: identifying factors that affect team performance, setting expectations for a diverse team and giving difficult feedback.
          5. Creating the Future: opportunities for innovation, skills needed to improve team readiness, and team development that supports innovation.
          6. My Next Steps: support continued growth and development, namely the importance of building and maintaining self-care and team resilience.
          7. DEI Coaching: (recommended) work with a DEI coach either individually or in small groups to continue the work of building trust, inclusion and belonging.


          Please note: If you are unable to complete the prerequisite before the start of Module 2, you can continue the process and register into a future series. However, incomplete Leader 360 and or CliftonStrengths surveys longer than 3 months from the assessment start date will result in a $265 charge.