Microsoft Outlook Workshop

May 8, 2024
1pm - 4:30pm
Virtual (Zoom)

For business users who are familiar with Microsoft Outlook and want to learn new techniques that can assist with your day-to-day business tasks.

Classroom of students with computers

Managing your emails and keeping track of your appointments is essential to your effectiveness in the workplace - and there is no better application than MS Outlook to help you stay organized. Outlook's integrated set of tools coordinate contacts, filter email, and schedule tasks - saving you time and effort in conducting your daily routine. In this half-day virtual instructor-led workshop, we give you a host of tips and techniques so you can get the most out of this handy application. 

You'll come away from the class knowing how to:

  • Quickly and easily compose emails in Outlook
  • Categorize and file both incoming and outgoing emails
  • Create quick steps to efficiently deal with incoming and outgoing mail.
  • Add different types of attachments to outgoing emails
  • Set up a calendar of appointments and schedule meetings
  • Assign tasks for yourself and others
  • Create reminder notes for yourself

Cost: There is no fee to attend. Late cancellations and no-shows will incur a $75 fee. Each participant is responsible for cancelling their own registration before the cancellation deadline (7 days before).


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