Microsoft Excel - Intermediate Workshop

May 29, 2024
8:30am - 12pm
Virtual (Zoom)

This workshop assumes that you have taken our Beginner Excel Workshop or used Excel for six months and are familiar with the fundamentals, and have some experience creating workbooks, worksheets, cells, ranges, and using a variety of functions and formulas.

Classroom of students with computers


This virtual, half-day, instructor-led workshop is for business users who are already familiar with Microsoft Excel and want to take their skills to the next level. Learn powerful techniques that can help save significant time, analyze data and extract important business insights, present information in a compelling way, and collaborate with others more effectively. 

Key topics covered:

  • Data manipulation
    Managing budgets and projections, as well as handling large lists of data. Basic and advanced formulas, 3-D ranges, sorting and filtering techniques, database functions, and several other features are covered.
  • Data entry and validation
    Using Excel's ability to gather and validate data when applicable. This includes validation rules and conditional formatting.
  • Collaboration
    Enabling multiple users to review and edit workbooks by sharing them on the network or via e-mail. Protecting sheets or cells within a sheet to ensure data integrity and confidentiality. Tracking changes, reviewing changes, and accepting changes.
  • Efficiency
    Using templates and styles to reuse worksheets, and to set standards and ensure consistency. This also includes dozens of shortcuts and tips that can be applied on a daily basis.

Cost: There is no fee to attend. Late cancellations and no-shows will incur a $75 fee. Each participant is responsible for cancelling their own registration before the cancellation deadline (7 days before).

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