Accomplishing More with Less for Managers & Supervisors Workshop

August 15, 2024
9am - 4pm
Virtual (Zoom)

Ideal for those overseeing the work of others and who want to achieve great results with their teams. Whether you have taken the Accomplishing More With Less Workshop or not, you are likely to benefit and walk away with practical tips/techniques to apply right away.

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This one-day workshop is designed to help leadership develop and practice skills crucial for managing people successfully in today’s information-overload and diverse work environment. We cover crucial time and priority management techniques to help you better manage your own time and priorities, therefore finding the necessary time to manage and coach your employees. Additionally, you will be able to equip your employees with the same tools and techniques to help overcome overload, feeling of stress, and get more accomplished.

Key takeaways:

  • Adopt highly effective time management and priority management tools and techniques so you can better manage your own time.
  • Be able to coach your team using the same tools and techniques so they can improve their performance and fulfillment.
  • Manage performance, create accountability and keep everyone focused on the desired results.
  • Build best practices to enhance team communication and productivity.
  • Manage strategically and help your team succeed in spite of the overload.

Cost: There is no fee to attend. Late cancellations and no-shows will incur a $75 fee. Each participant is responsible for cancelling their own registration before the cancellation deadline (7 days before).

Flyer: View and share our Accomplishing More for Managers flyer!


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