Webinars and e-Learning



Business E-mail Writing

The workshop is designed for all business professionals who write e-mail on the job and who want to achieve outstanding results. The workshop teaches you how to jump-start your writing, write attention-grabbing subject lines so your e-mails get opened, plan and organize content so you get the results you want (without two or three e-mails to clarify), and edit for more polish and pizzazz.

What will be covered?

Jump-start your writing. Plan and organize your message. Write an attention-getting subject line. How to say hello—and goodbye. Use the most appropriate tone and style. Make it easy on the eye. End with impact, edit and proofread. Avoid the most common pet peeves. Know when not to send an e-mail.



Managing and Organizing Your E-mail Inbox--Outlook 2010

This workshop is for Microsoft Outlook users who want to learn new and innovative techniques for better managing and organizing their inbox and overcoming e-mail overload.

What will be covered?

How to organize the e-mail inbox for easy handling. How to track unfinished messages. How to organize and archive messages. Valuable tips for managing the time you spend on e-mail. Many shortcuts and techniques for everyday usage.

Microsoft Excel 2010 Techniques
This workshop is for business users who want to take their Microsoft Excel skills to the next level. In this workshop, users learn powerful techniques that can help them save significant time, analyze data and extract important business insights, present information in a compelling way, and collaborate with others more effectively.
What will be covered?

Managing budgets and projections, as well as handling large lists of data. Basic and advanced formulas, 3-D ranges, sorting and filtering techniques, database functions, and several other features are covered. Using powerful analysis and reporting tools, such as PivotTables to extract important information. Templates, styles, shortcuts, and tips. Data entry and validation, collaboration, tracking changes, and protecting sheets or cells within a sheet to ensure data integrity and confidentiality.

Advanced Microsoft Excel PivotTables
In this workshop you will learn the most powerful capabilities of Excel PivotTables and how they can be an invaluable tool in helping you analyze your data and present your conclusions in compelling ways. If you have been using PivotTables and wondering what more you can do with them, or maybe running into obsctacles and wishing you can get around them, this workshop will help you unleash the power of PivotTables and get outstanding results.
What will be covered?

Getting your data ready for PivotTable Reports and Charts. Using custom functions to perform more advanced analysis and comparisons such as counts, statistical functions, % of row, % of column, and many more. Filtering and formatting your report. Adding formulas to your PivotTables and Charts. Incorporating your PivotTables reports and Charts into Word documents and linking them so they stay up-to-date.

Microsoft SharePoint Techniques

This workshop is for those who would like to use Microsoft SharePoint to better share information and collaborate with others and also reduce their dependence on e-mail and make their meetings more effective.

What will be covered?

Overview of SharePoint as a web content, document, calendar and task management system, as well as workflow and collaboration platform. Creating document libraries, folders, uploading documents, checking documents in and out, and setting up alerts. Using calendars and workspaces to create meetings, manage meeting objectives, and agenda items, track and share documents, and customize meeting workplace to track related action items. Using tasks to create custom lists to track a variety of business activities and action items, allow team member to track progress, hand over tasks and track related documents. Creating team sites and webpages. Using discussion forums, blogs, and wikis to share and manage information more efficiently.