UCSF Staff Internship Program

Deadline to apply is December 28, 2018.


What is a UCSF Staff Internship?

An opportunity for a current  UCSF employee to gain skills, knowledge and experience for career enhancement by stepping away from their current position for a limited period to work in a different position in another department.

The UCSF Staff Internship Program:

  • Creates opportunities for employees, while offering support for their training and career/professional development.
  • Offers internship that provide  inter-departmental, practical, hands-on experience to prepare high achieving career staff for future opportunities at UCSF.
  • Promotes cross functional learning and collaboration across UCSF.
  • Demonstrates organizational commitment to retain top talent.
  • Furthers UCSF's commitment to being a great place to work.


Program Objectives

  • Create staff development opportunities at UCSF.
  • Build internal candidate pipelines for future vacancies at UCSF.
  • Recognize, cultivate and retain exceptional staff.
  • Enhance staff engagement.
  • Further UCSF's commitment to being a great place to work.


Program Benefits

  • For staff, internships pave the way to deepen skills, strengthen career path potential, make valuable connections with new colleagues, contribute to the campus mission, and view UCSF as an employer of choice.
  • For departments, internships bolster employee engagement, bring in knowledge of practices from other UCSF departments, strengthen managerial skills and help develop and retain valued staff.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be current UCSF or UCSF Health Professional and Support Staff (PSS) policy covered (non-represented, non-union) career employees with 50% appointment or greater.
  • Applicants  must have a "Meets Expectations" overall rating or higher  on their most recent performance evaluation.
  • Applicants  must have been employed by  UCSF or UCSF Health without a break in service for at least 3 years (i.e. continuous employment since March 1, 2016).



Schedule and Program Cost

  • Salary, classification, benefits and paid time-off accruals will remain the same.
  • Timesheet:  The home department will continue to be responsible for the intern's timesheet,  with input from the host department.
  • Vacation Request:  Intern will submit request by emailing both managers.  Upon email approval, the intern will enter in HBS for home manager's acceptance.
  • The host department has two options for what percentage of the intern's time they would like to sponsor:  100% or 80%.  If 80% time is chosen, the home department is responsible for 20% of the intern's pay.  SIP can sponsor the remaining 20%, but only if the home department replaces the intern with a temporary staff member at 100%.


Apply as an Intern

Benefits of being an Intern:

  • Opportunity to gain new skills to support career development
  • Explore your interest in a different field, position or department and share your own knowledge, skills and experiences with a host department.
  • Effective way to learn on the job.
  • Opportunity to enhance cross functional skills.
  • Opportunity to develop a professional reference and referral pool.


Applicant Checklist

♦ Check to know if you are eligible to apply.

♦ Evaluate your skills and interest and read about the internship opportunities below.

♦ Meet with your manager to seek support for applying for the internship.

♦ Prepare resume and personal statement and submit online application.

♦ Ask your home manager to sign the Manager Endorsement Form.


Application Process

  • Complete application on the internal career page https://sjobs.brassring.com/TGnewUI/Search/Home/Home?partnerid=6495&siteid=5226#home.
  • Click "Search Openings".
  • Enter the Requisition Number for the position of interest and click "Search"
  • Check the mark box and select "View Job(s)"
  • Click "Submit to Job".
  • Create an account or login if you already have an account.
  • Apply to the position and answer the Internal Gateway Questions


Internship Opportunities


Requisition #




% Time



Audit & Advisory Services

Adult & Advisory Services Intern

MCB Suite 107


4 months


Budget & Resource Management

Budget & Resource Management Intern

654 Minnesota St


4 months


Contracts & Grants Accounting

Contracts & Grants Accounting Intern

MCB, Suite 425


4 months


Learning & Organizational Development

L&OD Curriculum Design Intern

3360 Geary, Suite 240


4 months



Marketing Project Coordinator



4 months



Strategic Marketing Consultant



4 months


Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor

Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor Intern

Mission Bay


4 months


School of Dentistry

Project Analyst

513 Parnassus, S630


4 months


School of Medicine Technology Services

Business Analyst

654 Minnesota St, Suite 146


4 months


School of Pharmacy, Dean's office

Education Coordinator Intern

Parnassus, S924


4 months




Application deadline:        December 28, 2018

Interviews:                         January 17 - February 1, 2019

Offers made:                      February 15, 2019

Onboarding:                       February 18 - March 1, 2019

Internship begins:            March 1, 2019

Internship ends:                June 30, 2019



"The intern added value to our team.  The program also gave a mentorship opportunity to our staff."

- Nancy Ha

  Team Lead, Contracts & Grants Accounting

"Mentorship is important to us.  To grow your knowledge, you have to share your expertise"

- Beth Berrean

   Deputy Director, Design and Discovery


"The internship program confirmed by passion for Finance.  I returned to my department asking my manager if I can start assisting with the budget."

- Lisa Duca

  Interned for the Budget and Resource Management Department


"The internship role helped me improve my analytical skills."

- Mike Yip

   Interned for the Information Services Unit



UCSF Staff Internship 2018-19 Orientation Handbook

  1. Click and open the handbook.
  2. Save PDF to your desktop.
  3. From the desktop, complete the PDF document and email to Key Contacts.


For questions, please contact, Romina Reyes, Staff Internship Coordinator at [email protected]