UC Leadership Cohort Programs

UC-Coro Systemwide Leadership Collaborative

The University of California has partnered with Coro Northern California since 2006 to develop current and future administrative and faculty leaders. The UC-Coro Systemwide Leadership Collaborative program focuses on enhancing leadership skills and fostering relationships, networking and collaboration across UC while building a pipeline for executive leadership positions. Each cohort participates in seminars, intersession assignments and a group project.

UC Women's Initiative for Professional Development (UC WI)

An experiential professional development program committed to enabling the full participation, success, and advancement of woman-identified professionals at the University of California. The program is open to all who support this mission and who are interested in the development of woman-identified professionals, including faculty, academic personnel and staff. Cohorts benefit from 4 days of sessions, assignments, access to an online networking platform and professional coaching.

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