School at Work (SAW) Program

The School at Work (SAW) program is designed for motivated entry-level employees determined to get to the next level in their careers. The SAW class meets weekly for two hours during the work day, over a period of four months. The curriculum is delivered through a combination of instructional DVDs, online modules and instructor lead classroom training. Students review vital skills aimed at advancing careers in healthcare, including resume tips and interview coaching. Participants can explore health care related fields by completing online assessments and by attending ‘tours’ of UCSF Health departments.

While participating in SAW, employees are away from their regular job and attend class for two hours each week while continuing to receive their regular salary. The UCSF Health Human Resources Department will reimburse the employee’s department for the two hours each week while the employee attends class.

Program Description

Topics covered in SAW include:

  • Life Management Skills such as setting SMART goals
  • Mastering Communication in the Workplace
  • Basic Grammar and Business Writing
  • Critical Thinking

Students also complete an individualized Career and Learning Plan to identify healthcare careers aligned with their individual talents.

Location: The program requires students to have use of computers, therefore SAW is typically held at the Computer Lab in the Adult Hospital at Mission Bay.*

Time: SAW is typically held on Thursdays 10:30am – 12:30pm.*

Requirements: The SAW program open to UCSF Health employees only. The program is geared towards employees in positions such as, but not limited to, Administrative Assistant, Practice Coordinator, Patient Care Assistant, Medical Assistant, Food Services Worker, and Hospitality Services. SAW is not intended for employees in Analyst or supervisory roles.

Employees must:

  • Receive approval / recommendation from current manager for participation
  • Have completed initial probationary period and a current satisfactory performance evaluation
  • Pass a reading comprehension assessment


For more information about the School At Work program, please contact Kelly Anglim, School At Work Coach at [email protected]

*Location and time for SAW is subject to change. Please see current program flyer for exact location and time.