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Welcome to the UCSF Manager Learning Portal! Our goal is to provide ideas, resources and tools to help you excel as a leader. We will focus on the core leadership behaviors and outcomes, often referred to as competencies, that are important for leaders at all levels. We hope you will visit this section regularly as you work at becoming an even better leader.

As a UCSF leader, you have many roles and responsibilities. You’re counted on by the organization and your staff to:

  • Manage individual, team and department performance by establishing focus and ensuring accountability.
  • Translate strategy into actions, set clear direction and create a shared purpose.
  • Assist staff in development by working with them on career goals and offering stretch assignments.
  • Create a highly engaged and high-performing team.


You will find assistance here, such as resources to help you increase your awareness, develop your skills, and expand your leadership capabilities. We will discuss each of the topics above and include additional resources for your review. The resources include links to webinars, courses, articles and other tools.

To further explore the definition of your role as leader, check out the following resources:

UCSF Development Programs

This UCSF Learning & Organization Development website offers information about instructor-led and self-paced courses, such as Leading the Frontline and Foundations of Leadership. Both programs are designed to expand leadership capabilities.

Ted Talk

How Great Leaders Inspire Action

This inspirational message outlines the importance of “sharing the why” and connecting that “why” to the mission of the organization and passion of the team.

Article (PDF)

What Leaders Really Do – HBR

Retrieving this article will require that you use your employee ID to access the UC Learning Center.
This article discusses the distinction between leadership and management. It shares how each is important to the workforce and how they complement one another.

Managing Performance

Leaders at all levels are responsible for managing individual, team and department performance. Managing performance has many components including:

  • Understanding the UCSF mission, sharing and operationalizing it for your department/unit and each staff member.
  • Establishing and communicating performance standards and goals for the individual, team and department.
  • Tracking and managing those goals and daily/ongoing tasks.
  • Providing quality feedback based on performance standards.


The graphic below illustrates the actions you take to highlight the link between organizational, departmental and individual priorities.


Managing Performance Resources

To further explore the definition of your performance management role, check out the following resources:

UCSF Development Programs

  • Each of the leadership development programs listed at Leadership Development includes modules on performance management.



These e- courses share the basic University of California performance management philosophy and fundamentals on building performance plans with employees. They provide a step-by-step approach.

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In our next installment we’ll share resources on Providing Feedback.