Leadership Development resources

Manager Excellence Resource Center (MERC)

The Manager Excellence Resource Center (MERC) is a membership-based organization we partner with for learning and development resources. Offered by the Executive Board, this website includes e-Courses, articles, and webinars.

How to access MERC:

  • Set up a MERC account by going to http://www.merc.executiveboard.com
  • Click on "Get a Username and Password"
  • Register with your work email address (This will be your username)
  • Within 24 hours, you will receive in your email an account confirmation which includes your username and password.

TIP: When logging onto the website for the first time, check the "Remember me" box. This will allow you to automatically open the MERC website, without having to log in again.


Living Well

The UC Living Well web portal is dedicated to stimulating and supporting comprehensive wellness programs and resources designed to promote mental, physical, social and cultural balance. Click here to find out more information http://livingwell.ucsf.edu/.


Professional Journal Articles

To access full text articles on staff or leadership development and related topics at no charge, take advantage of UCSF Library's subscription to EBSCO Business

How to access EBSCO search page:
  1. Visit the EBSCO website
  2. In the opened page, select and click on the service: Business Searching Interface
  3. Enter your search criteria