Best Practices with Zoom and Online Learning

UCSF Staff

Best Practices with Zoom and Online Learning is designed to support facilitators, presenters, subject matter experts (SME's) and their producers. This course will demonstrate and model best practices, and provide resources for online learning and facilitation using blended teaching and learning techniques.

Attendees will be given access to an extensive online Training Portal which was created to accompany our live Zoom session, and provides additional information and resources that will be referenced during our live class.

Key topics:

  • Preparing Students and Setting Expectations
  • Working with a Producer and Getting Technical Support
  • Equipment for Your Virtual Classes
  • Interactive Zoom Features & Security Settings
  • Introducing Your Zoom Class Environment
  • How Adults Learn
  • Links and Resources
  • Access to extensive online Training Portal

Time: 1pm - 2:30pm

Location: Participants will receive an email to help prepare for the webinar, with a Zoom meeting invite at least 2 business days before the session.

Registration: Click here to register.

Flyer: Click here for flyer.