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What's New (updated 6/26/19)

2019 UCSF Staff Engagement Survey results available to Managers in Gallup Access on Tuesday, June 4, 2019.

Your team’s 2019 Staff Engagement Survey results are now available in Gallup Access

L&OD has several NEW resources to ensure you can access your results, find answers to common questions, and begin action planning:

  1. How to Access Your Survey Results
    Use this quick guide to navigate through Gallup Access to see your team’s results.

  2. NEW! Gallup Office Hours for Managers - How to Access Gallup Survey Results (50 minutes)
    Recording Available Now in UC Learning Center

  3. July 11
    2019 Staff Engagement Town Hall:  Results
    (90 minutes)
    Recording available now and share the details with your teams.

  4. July 15 - August 15
    Manager "Advocacy" 
    Engagement Workshop  (2 hours)
    Register Now to support your team’s year-round engagement. 
    Multiple locations available.

Recording available now!

2019 Staff Engagement Town Hall - Results - July 11, 2019

Register Now!

See more Manager Support Resources

Staff Engagement Survey Resources are accessible through internal access only. You must be at UCSF or use VPN to access the following materials. Please contact IT Help Support at 1.415.514.4100 for VPN assistance.

Manager Survey Support Tools

We have several resources available to assist you in leveraging the UCSF engagement survey results at UCSF.My.Gallup.com to take actions that build and sustain your team's engagement.

Manager Support Tools
  1. Manager Guide for Q12® for UCSF.My.Gallup.com
    Making Sense of Your Survey Results
  2. How to Access Your Survey Results NEW! (5/28/19)
    Use this quick guide to navigate through Gallup Access to see your team’s results.

  3. Gallup Office Hours for Managers - How to Access Gallup Survey Results - Recording Now Available in UC Learning Center NEW! (1 hour)
    Recorded WEBINAR demo of Gallup Access  

  4. UCSF Team Hierarchy Lookup Tool  (Gallup Roster Review Tool)
    Check your team’s roster as it was submitted to Gallup 
  5. How to Track Your Direct Reports' Participation Rate (Campus/Health)
  6. UCSF Health Gallup Survey Participation Rates by Unit (updated 5/28/19)

    The 2019 Gallup survey is open, and this week’s UCSF Health Gallup Survey Participation Rates allows you to see how your organization is doing.  (Medical Center Main, Family Practice Organization, Health Joint Ventures Affiliates, Home Office - Health, Langley Porter Hospital).

    UCSF Health/Campus Managers and Delegates can already check their direct report participation rates using UCSF.My.Gallup.com.  (See How to Track Your Team Participation Rate)

    Campus Control Point Representatives (listed below) receive department roll-up participation rates periodically throughout the survey and distribute them within their areas. If you have questions about your department's participation rate, please contact your Campus Control Point Representatives:

    2019 Campus Control Point Representatives

    Development and Alumni Relations

    School of Dentistry

    Diversity and Outreach

    School of Medicine

    Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost (EVC&P)

    School of Nursing

    Global Health

    School of Pharmacy

    Finance and Administrative Services (FAS)

    University Relations

email EngagementLearningandDevelopment@ucsf.edu


Questions contact:  [email protected]


Ambassador Nomination Form
Ambassador Nomination Form

If you haven’t already done so, please submit the Ambassador Nomination Form for either Health OR Campus.  This will ensure that we have all of your contact information and that you and your Ambassador receive all current communication and announcements.



Manager Engagement Resources

Care Talk: A Conversation About How Managers Can Foster Engagement
  1. 2018 - 2022 Staff Engagement Organization Wide 4 Year Action Plan
  2. Action Prioritization Grid
  3. Care Talk: A Conversation About How Managers Can Foster Engagement
  4. Caring through Supervision Manager Self-Assessment
  5. Levers of Good to Great
  6. Management Engagement Training Workbook
  7. Manager's Guide to Staff Engagement
  8. Simple Approach to Action Planning
  9. Strengths Discovery Discussion Guide (pdf/doc)
  10. Strengths Profile
  11. Survey FAQs
  12. UCSF.My.Gallup.com


Ambassador 2019 Staff Engagement Survey Resources

Staff Engagement Ambassadors help people care about employee engagement, help manage the Gallup Q12 Survey, and any action plans as a result. We have several resources available to support you!

Ambassador Orientation - LIVE STREAM Recording


  1. Ambassador's Guide to Engagement

  2. New Survey Questions 

  3. Peer Engagement Activity Guide

  4. Q12 Summary

  5. Survey FAQs


Additional Resources

  1. Ambassador Mentoring Program Survey

2019 Staff Engagement Events and Resources


UCSF 2019 Staff Engagement Survey - Complete 5/28/19

Gallup Q12 Pyramid

Consider the design of the Q12 questions, and how some basic issues underneath the questions might be addressed through the survey.

What the year looks like for  Staff Engagement Ambassadors




L&OD and UCSF leadership has been working throughout the year to not only analyze the results from the survey, but to expand opportunities for all of us to be heard, and share the results and action plan with the entire UCSF community.

See Additional Archived Staff Engagement Resources

Timeline - L&OD Staff Engagement Milestones (2018-Present)




Gallup Resources


  1. Action Planning Instructions
  2. UCSF.My.Gallup.com


email EngagementLearningandDevelopment@ucsf.edu


Contact:  [email protected]